Make a DJI drone a real real-time video streamer utilizing WebRTC

This technology is intended for developers only. It is not intended for end-users.

Get started with DJI Streaming Library and view the video stream from your drone with almost no lag.


1. Quick Test

No drone and No coding needed.

Easliy test our WebRTC Demo page to get the feel of live video streams between two web browsers.

To test, please visit and press the link to “Request a free test credential”.

Read the “Help” section below the video and follow the instructions to test.

2. Test our Sample DJI Video Stream Decoding Library for Android app

We offer a free limited account to test our Library. For that, you need to create and account and get your Credentials.

You can get everything you need by following the instructions at

To get the Credentials visit

Press the link to “Request a free test credential” and follow the Help segment beneath it, if you still did not do so in the previous step.

3. Create your own DJI Video Stream Decoding app

You can do that by using the DJI Video Stream Decoding Library for Android. Follow the instructions at


The above steps let you view your DJI drones’ real time live video stream through the Accuware WebRTC client.

However, if you need to access the drones’ video stream directly from your server or from a code, without passing through a web browser, you have 2 options:

  • OPTION 1 – We provide the signaling server protocol (the description of how to properly interact with the Accuware Authentication Signaling server) so that you can develop your own WebRTC client. It can be done with a Python code, for example, and you can then use the video from a custom endpoint. 


  • OPTION 2 – we can provide the source code of our own WebRTC client and even the source code of our Accuware Authentication Signaling server. This is an enterprise level option, typically. 

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