Dragonfly, our Visual SLAM technology, lets you track moving vehicles and forklifts!

Forklift Tracking is now possible using Accuware Dragonfly.
This visual SLAM technology allows you to monitor the location of forklifts and vehicles indoors, with an accuracy up to 5 cm.


How can Dragonfly be used for Forklift Tracking?

Dragonfly is a Visual SLAM technology, and its API provide very precise location.
It can be used for indoor tracking of Forklifts: Dragonfly only requires a camera mounted on board of the forklift, possibly on the mast or on the overhead of the vehicle, and a computing unit, on board or off board.


Dragonfly requires a camera: it can be a monocular or a stereo camera, able to provide better results. The camera must be installed on board of the forklift: ideally the camera should be at the top of the vehicle, pointing towards the ceiling. Accuware can provide the camera, but Dragonfly is designed to work with existing cameras.

Computing unit

The camera has to be connected with a computing unit, where Dragonfly runs. It can be a mini PC installed on board of the camera, or a local on-site server. In this case the camera should stream the video to the server over WiFi or 4G/5G network. A stable connection, with at least 2 Mbps/forklift bandwidth, must be available. The camera can be connected to a Raspberry PI unit that will take care of the video stream. Accuware can take care of the set up and shipping of the computing unit.


Dragonfly is a location technology: it provides the location of the forklift in 6-DOF format via API. The location of the forklift can be integrated into complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) so that the data can be used to improve the operations.

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What are the benefits of using Dragonfly for Forklift Tracking?

Accuware Dragonfly provides all the tools to developers to perform forklift tracking, which can bring multiple benefits.

  • Improve productivity: Dragonfly allows you to get the location of each forklift and analyze it over time. This can be used to optimize the routes and to reduce the distance traveled by each vehicle, thus making the forklift usage more efficient.

  • Increase inventory accuracy: Dragonfly can provide an accuracy up to 5 cm, with x,y,z coordinated, so that you will always know the location of each vehicle and you can monitor the inventory movements, constantly.

  • Reduce operational cost: reducing the distance traveled by each forklift corresponds to a reduction of maintenance costs. Moreover, the optimization of routes and operations can reduce the number of forklifts needed inside a warehouse and can significantly reduce the amount of workforce needed.

  • Provide improvements in safety and security: Dragonfly can be used to monitor potentially dangerous situations, when a forklift risks to collide with another vehicle, or with an obstacle.

If you would like to integrate Forklift Tracking into your WMS, contact us!

If you would like to integrate Forklift Tracking into your WMS, contact us!

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