Dragonfly, our Visual SLAM (vSLAM) technology, lets you get real-time 3D location of a flying drone, using just the on-board camera.

Indoor Tracking and Positioning for drones is a challenging task, where GPS / GNSS cannot be used.

When operating indoors and in GPS-denied environments, alternative systems must be considered.
Dragonfly can leverage the on-board hardware and work entirely offline. It can work inside known and unknown environments and does not require the deployment of specific hardware.


How does Dragonfly work with Drones?

Dragonfly is a Visual SLAM technology that provides very precise location.​ Dragonfly calculates the location using our patented technology, using just the on-board camera. No sensor fusion, no MEMS, no hardware to be deployed on site, no QR codes. Dragonfly needs to get a 640×480 px video stream from the drone. The camera can be monocular (ideally wide angle) or stereo and it can point towards any direction. The existing camera of the drone can be used, as long as the video stream can be consumed by the Dragonfly software.

API, ROS, Dashboard

  • Dragonfly allows to monitor the real time location of the drones from the Onit dashboard.
  • The API can be used to integrate the location data into external applications.
  • ROS Nodes can be developed by Onit’s team to ease the integration with ROS.

Are you ready to get started?​


  • Real-time 3D position (6 DOF).

  • Accuracy higher than 5 cm.

  • Venue and place recognition and re-location.

  • Map shared among different devices.

  • Offline version available, no internet connection required.


Dragonfly is an exceptionally flexible technology for precise positioning.

Alternative to Lidar and UWB

For accurate indoor positioning and location.

No Hardware Infrastructure

No receivers, no antennas, no "nodes". Nothing has to be deployed through the venue.

3D Location in real time

Dragonfly elaborates the location in real time, no latency. X, Y, Z location + attitude (yaw, pitch, roll).

Just one on-board camera required

Dragonfly does not need specific hardware, IMU, no sensor fusion, LiDAR, magnetic stripes, QR codes... The existing on-board camera can be leveraged.

On the Cloud
or Offline

Dragonfly can run on board the drone, or on a server, completely offline. No internet connection needed.

It scales with you

Dragonfly is a scalable technology: there are no minimum or maximum number of drones that can use the technology at the same time.

API for Custom Integration

RESTful API provided to integrate the location data into external application, navigation systems, remote tracking software and more.

Map Shared among the Drones

Drones can share the same map and collaboratively work on it. The Drones update the map while moving throughout the venue.

5 cm Accuracy

Dragonfly's accuracy is about 5-10 cm in almost every environment. This can be achieved by simply following our easy steps to get started.


Dragonfly can work on a local on-premise server or directly on board of the device. Let us help you pick the best option.

Local Server

Easy to setup.
Computation on an on-premise server.
Local WLAN connection required.

On Board Processing

Computation on board the device.
No Internet or local connection needed.

Our customers consider Dragonfly
to be the solution to their location problems