IT & Location awareness consultancy services

Accuware’s team is composed mainly of programmers and engineers with an extensive know-how and experience focused on indoor location.

We are the experts of location technologies and advanced computer vision systems.

Our motto is “Your success is our success!”

Over the years we have filed many patents, and successfully deployed our technology in many different industries to address multiple use-cases.

Our portfolio includes solution-designing and programming in the major computing languages including Java, Python, Perl, and C++, and the main operating systems, Windows, Linux, MacOS, ROS. Finally, we are also experts in communication and signalling protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, VSLAM, MQTT, WebRTC. 

We strive to provide advanced technology

Our aim is to help customers solve their issues, and we put a lot of effort into addressing specific requirements and to deliver top-level service.

We know that the technology is just one component of a project and for this we offer a full set of services, including custom development, advanced technical support, and on-site support and installation.

Above all, our goal is to deliver a solution to your problems and a unique set of tools to address your needs.

You can discuss your project with our experts

We will be glad to give you suggestions and analyze the best solution and architecture for your specific use-case.

Therefore, we can help you design the right architecture to achieve your goals, and educate you about our technology.

Accuware sells its patented technologies worldwide in the field of accurate location.

We have been the pioneers of Global Positioning technologies (GPS) that are not based on satellite location. Our main clients are business integrators, resellers and engineering companies.

As a result, by partnering with worldwide famous companies, we became the point of reference for the industry.

From Radio Signals RTLS to Computer Vision and Visual SLAM

Firstly, Back in 2010, Accuware used to provide precise RTLS systems using WiFi and cellular signals to deliver precise location in GPS-denied environments and on devices that do not have a built-in GPS module.

Then, In 2011 we have also developed unique and patented technologies for WiFi Tracking and Bluetooth / BLE location and asset tracking. Furthermore, in 2014, we have been among the first companies in the world to deliver accurate indoor location and navigation systems for mobile applications.

Finally, In 2017 we have then started the development of advanced computer vision related technologies: Sentinel, a video tracking system for pedestrian tracking and monitoring using CCTV cameras, and Dragonfly, the most advanced visual SLAM technology currently available.

Patents are not everything...

We own several patents in this industry and have been one of the main players in the global positioning technology field. However, we know that patents are not the only thing that defines the quality of a technology. For this reason, the satisfaction of our customers is what matters the most, and our global reach confirms the reliability of our products.

Accuware is an innovative company

We believe that the key to success is innovation.

For this reason we invest our efforts in improving our systems, constantly, and on developing technologies that can solve real problems.

As a consequence, we are the choice of companies that look for real professionals for their projects. We are technology experts and we are committed to delivering a high-end service to all our customers.

We know that each customer has unique needs

For this reason we provide professional consulting services.

From project management to custom design, and development of integrations and applications, we can create a unique solution for you. In fact, our team is able to customize the core technology and also to develop complete integrations and applications able to address customer-specific requirements.

We put our expertise and know-how to work to inform our customers about the best technologies and integrations available. By working with corporate-level companies we have learned that a “one-size-fits-all” solution is not the best approach for high-end technologies.

As a consequence, we prefer to deliver a customized experience and tailor-made solutions to each one of our customers.

We offer our experts and expertise in the fields of IT & Location awareness.

Contact our team, describe your unique project, and get a personalized quotation for our services and technology.


Trusted by happy customers.

Testimonials from real customers

Incredibly helpful technology. Most intelligent customer service experience I’ve ever had.
Samir K.
CTO AT *********
We have developed a custom project with Accuware to use 5G connection with Dragonfly for autonomous navigation. It's been an impressive experience, Accuware's team is super responsive and composed of real experts.
Roberto F.
it and communication specialist at robots industries ltd
We were exhitant to work with Accuware since our project required an high level of expertise, but we decided to give it a try. The team delivered the complete custom ROS integration in time and it resulted in a saving of several thousands of dollars for our company. They are serious and professional.
Albert Khols
automation and integration manager at roboc**** LLC
Accuware R&D Team has immediately understood the requirements of our projects. It was amazing, for the first time we didn't have to explain the project ten times! And they could set specific milestones, deliver the expected releases in time and follow up constantly with us. Maybe a bit pricey but defintely worth all the money spent.
Patricia Johnston
vp of partners relations at Pro***********

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